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Colin and Sally's Organic Farm
About Us

Hello, hello to members old and new. Here is an exciting announcement to be made:

Recently we were handed the baton from Colin, Sally and their boys as they step away from the farm to start a new chapter in their lives. We have been working very closely with them to ensure that the amazing enterprise that they have built up over 10 years will continue on with the same energy, philosophy and values. So with that being said let us introduce ourselves:

We are Rebeka and Martin,  along with our sons Huxley (12) and Rohan (10). we live and farm on the beautiful Glendalough Farm in South Gippsland in collaboration with our partners Greenfleet.  

Here at Glendalough we farm beef regeneratively, in a nutshell that means we mimic the way herbivores in the wild move across the landscape, always in tightly packed herds, always on the move and never to return until the grass has fully recovered. The benefits of this are numerous including higher amounts of carbon sequestered into the soil, drought-proofing the landscape and of course, providing nutrient-dense beef. Which is what we would like to offer to you.

We are passionate about farming, community, and growing food that is not only good for you but also for the environment. With open days planned for 2024, we look forward to welcoming you to the farm so you can meet us, see what we do, and be part of a movement that is making positive changes to the land and also building resilient communities.

Follow us and  our story via Insta and FB and we are always available to chat and answer questions so do reach out to:

We sell exclusively through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model

Please visit our What is a CSA? Page to learn more.

CSA...the most delicious way to support a farming family.
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