Our main farm is completely certified organic through the Organic Growers Association (OGA) and the other two farms are what are called “pre-certified” which means that the organic certification process has begun, audits have been completed, and that we will be certified in two years. During that time, we, of course, use no chemicals, we never do.


We believe in sustainable farming and are aiming to produce all the farm’s needs on the property. Our operation comprises of a Wiltshire and Wiltipol flock and a Black Angus beef herd. We select for our flock, animals that show a natural resistance to worms and those whose hooves cope well with the wet ground from the high rainfall we receive each year. This means we don’t have to rely on chemical treatments for our animals. We use no herbicides or pesticides on our pastures, so our animals only eat fresh, natural grass, herbs, and legumes, supplemented with hay cut from our own certified organic pasture.


Central to our philosophy is the ethical treatment of animals and our farming practices strive to maintain a system of grazing that best mimics animals in the wild. Our lambs and cattle are processed by the award winning Radford’s abattoir in Warragul. The animals travel less than an hour to get there and are the first animals to be processed that day, as per organic certification guidelines.