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Nourishing Beef Box 10kg

Nourishing Beef Box 10kg


All of our Beef boxes include a variety of cuts from the entire animal. All of the Beef boxes contain the following cuts:


  • Prime steaks, like Eye fillet, Scotch fillet and Porterhouse.
  • One roast.
  • Minced beef.
  • Gourmet sausages.
  • Slow cooking cuts like Osso Buco and diced beef.


The three different Beef boxes that we offer are tailored to suit your individual taste, whether you prefer cooking on the BBQ, juicy roasts or tender slow cooked beef, with additional cuts to suit either of these.


The Nourishing Beef Box is ideal for those who enjoy the long slow cooked stew or casserole that warms the soul. These collagen-rich cuts will nurture both your body and spirit.

It contains approximately 5kg of slow-cooking cuts like, Chuck, Brisket, Osso Buco and Skirt, with the balance made up of prime steaks, mince, sausages and a roast.


All of our beef boxes are 10kg. If you would like more than 10kg then add 2 or more boxes to your cart.

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