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Organic Lamb & Beef 

Organic Lamb 

Minimum order for lamb is half a lamb. There are four options below to choose from. Pick one or more (per half lamb) to suit your taste.

    The Roast and Fry

  • Soup bones

  • Shoulder roast (boned and rolled)

  • Leg roast (boned and rolled)

  • Cutlets

  • At least 1kg mince

  • At least 1kg our amazing raw honey, fresh rosemary sausages


Destination BBQ

• Soup Bones

• Shanks (please note that there is

   one shank per half lamb)

• Spare Ribs

• Extras (offal etc)

• Forequarter chops

• Cutlets (Individual)

• Loin Chops

• Chump Chops

• Leg Chops

A Hedging of Bets

• Soup bones

• Shanks (please note that there is 

   one shank per half lamb)

• Spare Ribs

• Extras (offal etc)

• Forequarter (Boned & Rolled)

• Cutlets (Individual)

• Loin Roast

• Chump Chops

• Leg (Boned)


A Toast to the Roast

• Shank (please note that there is one

   shank per half lamb)

• Spare ribs

• Extras (offal etc)

• Forequarter
   (Bone left in, Shoulder Roast)

• Cutlets (Rack)

• Loin Roast

• Chump Roast

• Leg Roast (Bone left in)

Organic Beef 

Our beef is sold in 10 kg boxes and contain cuts from the entire animal. There are three options to choose from, tailored to suit your taste. 
Half Steer_163070036_edited.jpg

Roasting Beef Box 10kg

The Roasting Beef box has been designed with your Sunday roasts in mind. If you love to sit down to a hearty roast with family or friends then this box will be your perfect choice. It contains approximately 6kg of roasts, like Silverside, Blade and Topside, with the balance made up of prime steaks, mince, sausages and diced slow cooking beef.


Nourishing Beef Box 10kg

Classic BBQ Beef Box 10kg

The Classic BBQ Beef box has been designed for those who love grilling on the BBQ. This box contains approximately 5kg of prime and secondary steaks such as Oyster Blade, Skirt or Ribs, with the balance made up of mince, sausages, diced stewing beef and a roast.

The Nourishing Beef Box is ideal for those who enjoy the long slow cooked stew or casserole that warms the soul. These collagen-rich cuts will nurture both your body and spirit.

It contains approximately 5kg of slow-cooking cuts like, Chuck, Brisket, Osso Buco and Skirt, with the balance made up of prime steaks, mince, sausages and a roast.

Lamb and Beef Bones 


Bone broth! Need I say more? Comes in a 1kg bag, frozen.

Jumbuck Sausages 


Get excited. Finally, a healthy sausage, full of good fats, healthy meat and real ingredients…we’ve had so much wonderful feedback about them!


Ingredients: Jumbuck, local raw honey, Himalayan salt, fresh rosemary. That’s it!!


Our preservative-free, Paleo-compliant, filler-free, colour-free sausages come in 500gm tray packs.

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