Organic Lamb & Beef 

Organic Lamb 


    The Roast and Fry

  • Soup bones

  • Shoulder roast (boned and rolled)

  • Leg roast (boned and rolled)

  • Cutlets

  • At least 1kg mince

  • At least 1kg our amazing raw honey, fresh rosemary sausages


Organic Beef 
From roasts, steaks, to natural, nitrate-free corned beef, to mince  and our signature, Thyme Bombs, our beef is pretty amazing. Sold only through our CSA. 

Destination BBQ

• Soup Bones

• Shanks (please note that there is

   one shank per half lamb)

• Spare Ribs

• Extras (offal etc)

• Forequarter chops

• Cutlets (Individual)

• Loin Chops

• Chump Chops

• Leg Chops

Lamb and Beef Bones 


Bone broth! Need I say more? Comes in a 1kg bag, frozen.

A Hedging of Bets

• Soup bones

• Shanks (please note that there is 

   one shank per half lamb)

• Spare Ribs

• Extras (offal etc)

• Forequarter (Boned & Rolled)

• Cutlets (Individual)

• Loin Roast

• Chump Chops

• Leg (Boned)


A Toast to the Roast

• Shank (please note that there is one

   shank per half lamb)

• Spare ribs

• Extras (offal etc)

• Forequarter
   (Bone left in, Shoulder Roast)

• Cutlets (Rack)

• Loin Roast

• Chump Roast

• Leg Roast (Bone left in)

Jumbuck Sausages 


Get excited. Finally, a healthy sausage, full of good fats, healthy meat and real ingredients…we’ve had so much wonderful feedback about them!


Ingredients: Jumbuck, local raw honey, Himalayan salt, fresh rosemary. That’s it!!


Our preservative-free, Paleo-compliant, filler-free, colour-free sausages come in 500gm tray packs.