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Reviews about our organic meat

Emi Q

Colin and Sally's meat is exceptionally good. It's good for your body, as you forego all those pesky hidden additives that are found in non organic meat. Is good for the spirit, as you are getting the added brownie points for helping a fellow Australian farming family thrive.  The best part is that you get tender juicy delectable meat direct from the paddock at prices that would make even conventional butchers blush. So help your community, vote with your fork and bon appetit!

Coburg customer

Transparency is not just a design fad or a marketing ploy with Colin and Sally's organic meat. They tell you as it is, the good and the challenges, and you can ask for more info if you are still not sure. I am indeed privileged (and grateful!) that I now have an ethical and no fuss supply for my rather low by choice meat consumption.  It is also affordable while still a fair price for the producer and conveniently comes locally. Darn good product too!  I hope they can inspire many other farmers so that there will be plenty more lucky customers


Wow! What beautiful meat!! Making a beef curry for tonight. The meat is so tender and sweet. Also love that I am supporting a family business. Thanks Sally and Colin :)

Sarah P

Wow! What an amazing food experience! This lamb is so tender and so delicious I can only begin to describe it. You can taste the pasture, the sun and the love put in to this meat. Thanks to you for providing an affordable organic option for the average person. In the words of my 4 yr old "This is the best meat I've ever tasted!" And in the words of my 2 yr old "More meat, more meat," whilst bashing the table with her fork! We will be buying again!

Jen P

Absolutely loved the eye fillet I got today. The meat was so tender! Sad you're only doing beef once a year but can't wait for my lamb order :)


Delicious beef at a friend's! Melt in the mouth! Can't wait to have my own Organic lamb and beef from Colin & Sally!

Alison P

Tried the rump steak last night so tender and tasty loved it and will be making a bigger order next time. Thanks very happy :)

Amy C

Just had our first lamb chops bought from the shop since we finished our lamb from Colin and Sally... Absolutely NO comparison! Looking forward to the arrival of our beef!

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