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CSA 2024


If you have questions, you might find the answer here.

If not then reach out to

The most common questions for NEW CSA Members are:


Q: How does my lamb get delivered?

A: for the majority of people, they will take a half-lamb delivery per delivery. A half lamb can fit in the top section of most domestic freezers.

We sell in the store  HALF lambs  minimum- so, 1 unit is a half lamb; 2 units are 1 whole lamb, etc

A half lamb fits into the top shelf of most domestic freezers (with room for peas and ice cream), to give you some indication. Usually, people receive their order and freeze all the meat ecxept what they will eat in the following two weeks.

Q. How does my beef get delivered?

A. All our beef packs are 10kg and contain a variety of cuts from the entire animal, there are 3 varieties of packs to suit your individual taste. If you are a family, you would probably consider 40-50kg per year. This would be delivered over approx 3-4 times a year (or all at once if you have the freezer space, let us know when you place your order). If you are a couple then 20- 40 kg will keep you covered, and as an individual, you may find 10-20kg hits the spot.

Q: What's the minimum that I can order?

A: For lamb, it is half a lamb. For beef, 10kg of beef is the minimum and this will fit in most domestic freezers. 

Q: What's typically in half a lamb?

A: 1 x leg roast; 1 x shoulder roast; a small bag of bones for soup; 8 cutlets; 4 chump chops; 5 loin chops; 1 x shank, around 8 ribs. There are four of ways to have it butchered, and you'll have that choice upon ordering. For the cooking-shy, we even have an option of 2 roasts, cutlets and mince and sausages that is popular. See below for further information too.

Q. What does 10kg of beef look like?

A. All of our Beef boxes include a variety of cuts from the entire animal. All of the Beef boxes contain the following cuts:


  • Prime steaks, like Eye fillet, Scotch fillet, or Porterhouse.

  • One roast.

  • Minced beef.

  • Gourmet sausages.

  • Slow-cooking cuts like Osso Buco or diced beef.

The three different Beef boxes that we offer are tailored to suit your individual taste, whether you prefer cooking on the BBQ, juicy roasts or tender slow-cooked beef, with additional cuts to suit either of these.

Q. How will my meat be packaged?

A. All cuts, except cuts with bones, will be sealed cryovac bags and then packed in a carbord box for delivery.  

I have no idea how much to order for the year! Help!
If you only want lamb then we suggest a minimum of 1 lamb to 1.5 lamb; but obviously, you know how much your household eats...If you only want beef then use the suggestions we have mentioned under "How does my beef get delivered" If you want beef and lamb then start with half a lamb and a 10kg box and tweek as you see fit. 

What I see most often is that first-time CSA Members don't order enough to feed them during the year, so have a think about what a half lamb provides in terms of cuts, and adjust from there

In terms of HOW your lamb is butchered - you have options! And you stipulate that in the comments section when you order your half lambs. Read on for options:

  • Toast to the Roast - Bone-in leg roast; bone-in shoulder roast; shank; rack; bones; loin roast; chump roast

  • Roast and Fry - Boned leg roast; boned shoulder roast; cutlets; 1kg mince; 1kg sausages; bones

  • Hedging of Bets - Cutlets; loin roast; chump chops; bones; boned leg roast; boned shoulder roast; shank

  • Destination BBQ - Leg chops; shoulder chops; shank; chump chops; loin chops; cutlets


  • We deliver free to the Melbourne metro area. Rural and beyond will incur an extra delivery fee. 

  • So as not to incur a delivery charge minimum spend is $240

  • We will deliver to your home address on a weekday. The delivery will come from Blackbird Logistics or in very few instances, another third party.

  • Please note: You will always receive at least 2 weeks advance notice as to when you will receive your CSA order. Once the date has been set there won’t be wriggle room on this, I’m sorry, and we will be asking you to make it work/have a neighbour pick it up/or phone a friend. We have little to no freezer space to hold your stock for you and storage or re-delivery will incur costs. 

  • We will endeavour to deliver to you fresh meat wherever possible. On occasion, it may be frozen but will have only been frozen for a few days after butchery.

  • It may be necessary to deliver lamb and beef separately. This is dependant on the butcher's processing schedule. We will keep you updated as soon as we have more information.

  • First CSA Share deliveries are likely to start in mid/late February. Depending on your yearly order size, you may be done and dusted in a single delivery, or if you have a larger share, you may receive multiple deliveries over the course of the year. Example: A share of half a lamb and 10kg of beef will arrive in two deliveries; whereas a share of 2.5 lamb and 50kgs of beef is likely to be delivered in 3-4 deliveries. We'll try and spread out the deliveries over the course of the year as best we can. 

Who Are Your Certified Organic Farmers in 2024?

  • Colin Trudgen and Sally Ruljancich - lamb from Dollar, South Gippsland; from 2 certified organic properties 

  • Bronwyn and Burke Brandon - lamb from Bena, from their certified organic property

  • Jenny and Bob Congdon - lamb from Rennie, NSW, from their certified organic property

  • Phil and Leanne Richards - beef from Jumbunna, south Gippsland from their certified organic property


Please hold off paying until January helps with our books! Upfront, monthly, or even fortnightly is fine...just let us know. The first payments are due January 15th, 2024.

Covered CSA

Please do consider contributing even a small amount to our Covered CSA share. This adds up quickly when we all put in. The meat is donated to local food charities in need. 

If the above is baffling, please do get in touch.

Check in with me (Rebeka) about anything you need to. My number is: 0420 513 092

Thank you for letting us be your farmers.


Rebeka, Martin, Huxley, and Rohan

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